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People Preference Choice November 2021
By Zhang Wen in Nominees People Preference Choice November 2021 8 November, 2021
By Zhang Wen in Winners Renodots PPA [ AUGUST WINNER ] - OVON DESIGN 19 October, 2021
Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October)
By Zhang Wen in Nominees Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October) 10 October, 2021

Renodots PPA [September Nominee] – Interior Empire


By Zhang Wen 7 September, 2021

Renodots PPA [September Nominee] – Interior Empire

Interior Empire - People Preference Choice Award Nominee  [September Nominee] 

Interior Empire has shown creative versatility as their interior designs vary quite substantially from one another yet all of them remain cohesive and visually appealing. From colour palettes to choice of flooring, it is evident that this team puts in a lot of thought into their concepts. You can be reassured that your BTO renovation) in safe hands when you partner with Interior Empire. Their innovative flare and eye for detail are just two reasons why we have decided to include them as a nominee for the People Preference Choice Award (September)

Modern Minimalist

A popular concept for homeowners in recent years is this modern and minimalist style. Interior Empire makes use of certain renovation techniques to make this home look tidy and immaculate. They have managed to make a compact room look spacious and alluring because of the strategic placement of furniture and lighting.

 What makes the living room come together so well is also due to the coordinated colour palette. The living room is bathed in hues of white, black and metallic silver which is what gives the room such a modern look.

 Placing a reflective surface in front of the ceiling lights help to reflect light across the entire room which makes the home look more vibrant. The choice of lighting fixture, furniture and even decorations are very compatible and makes the home look neat. 

Futuristic Crib

Interior Empire’s creative flare is really showcased in this living room, where they have gone with a more futuristic touch. This living room demonstrates a unique colour palette of blue, subdued greys and white.

Again, we see smartly arranged mirrors to make the room look bigger and more spacious. Profile lighting along the border of the TV helps illuminate the entire room and provides an other-world experience.

Not only is this room aesthetically pleasing, it is also highly functional, with many cabinets lining the wall for you to store your necessities. There is also a desk with a marbled table-top right next to the living room in case you have unexpected guests over.

Modern Rustic

While modern and rustic may seem like a contradiction, Interior Empire has proven that this is entirely plausible by melding this 2 seemingly very different designs together. The white walls and ceiling spotlights give the touch of elegance we would expect from a modern house. However, this is complemented by the light-coloured wooden floors and furniture.

This two concepts blend beautifully and seamlessly in the living room that we see above. Interior Empire has also decided to minimize the amount of furniture in the living room so that it looks more spacious. This is also perfect for homeowners who enjoy some peaceful yoga or exercise which require a lot of space.

Topical Fantasy

Interior Empire also delves into highly rustic designs like the one we see above. It is indeed challenging to incorporate flora into any house without it looking cluttered. However, Interior Empire has managed to do so with this renovation concept.

The dark oak furniture emulate the deep amber tree trunks that usually accompany the green leaves that we see outside. This smart colour combination of dark amber, green and hues of grey allow this home to come together and gives it a natural, outdoorsy feeling.

Interior Empire has truly impressed its clients and continue to go beyond expectations. We hope you too recognise the beauty and inventiveness of this team.

Did you love this design by Interior Empire? If you did, do not forget to head over to to cast your vote for the winner of the Renodots People Preference Choice Award this September 2021. There are 6 great candidates up for this award, so who knows? Your vote might be the one to decide the winner. Every vote counts.

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Contest starts on the 1st and on the 25th of every respective month