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People Preference Choice November 2021
By Zhang Wen in Nominees People Preference Choice November 2021 8 November, 2021
By Zhang Wen in Winners Renodots PPA [ AUGUST WINNER ] - OVON DESIGN 19 October, 2021
Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October)
By Zhang Wen in Nominees Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October) 10 October, 2021

Renodots PPA [ August Nominee] – Ovon Design


By Zhang Wen 5 August, 2021

Renodots PPA [ August Nominee] – Ovon Design

Ovon Design - People Preference Choice Award Nominee [August Nominee]

Quality is never far away with Ovon Design. With a track record of excellence for 4 years now, Ovon design boasts an expert mix of passion, creativity, and ambition. The 4 living room design styles below prove their versatility and skill in the art of interior design once again. With Ovon Design, clients can feel at ease as they watch their interior design dreams come to fruition, regardless of how ambitious they may seem.

Ovon Design’s expert touch shines through in this minimalist living room design. By excluding most, if not all, unnecessary design elements, Ovon Design creates the illusion of a more expansive space with clean, uninterrupted lines. By using cupboards and drawers that do not have visible handles, the designer also accentuates the cleanness of the visual lines in the room, further emphasising its pristine appearance. The visual effect of neatness is further enhanced by the use of perpendicular lines throughout the room: The piano, shelves, cupboards, drawers, blinds, and furniture all showcase either horizontal or vertical lines.

Because the floor is so visually prominent in minimalist design, it poses an opportunity to add depth to the home, which is exactly what the designer has achieved. The wood textures in the shelves and floors act as complements to one another. Combined with a few subtle curves in the furniture, the natural tones soften the overall look of this living room, adding life to the design and avoiding the potential problem of a minimalist design looking too harsh.

A modern twist complements the usual contemporary designs in this living room. Marbled flooring acts as a luxurious complement to the polished wood entertainment unit. With potted greenery as accents in the room and natural light streaming through large windows, natural elements and modern architecture combine to create this cosmopolitan style living room.

With a custom shelf built to display fine liquors, personalising a living room design to a client’s preference is clearly a second nature for Ovon’s talented designers. For a finishing touch, the two art pieces add a powerful layer to the overall tone of the living room, serving to lighten the mood and add sparks of fun into this creative blend of modern design elements. Not to mention, art pieces are a potent opportunity for the designer to let a small part of the homeowner’s personality shine through.

The influence of rustic designs are clear in this living room, with its carefully chosen mix of wooden tones. However, even though this design might seem primarily wood-based, Ovon design has expertly managed to create a diverse colour palette with plenty of contrast and depth. For one, the designers have deliberately chosen the lightest shade of wood for the backdrop of the TV, and the darkest wooden tone for its base. Because of the TV screen’s dark colour, these carefully deliberated choices actually help to establish the TV as the focal point of the living room, creating a more centralised and balanced design. Meanwhile, the coffee table and dining table take on intermediate colours because they serve as visual ‘transition points’ in the living room, in that they help the eye make the visual transition between the white walls to the living room’s focal area.

With earthy tones dominating in this rustic living room, accents pieces must be carefully chosen to complement its charm. Pieces like the stained-glass pendant light and the small potted plant are ideal for this purpose, providing an eye-catching splash of colour without overpowering the room or disrupting its bucolic aesthetic. 

 Design pieces come together in harmony in this charming eclectic living room. The longest teal wall is the first to catch your attention in this room, as it should. The colour teal is often associated with vibrance and growth, and combined with the potted plants in the space, the wall infuses this living room design with life and energy. Patterns in the coffee table, screen doors, and floors add texture and order to the room. The colour of the door is also a visually striking feature of this living room, showing a brighter orange colour than most typical doors. Orange is a colour associated with nurturing and care. Together the soft fabrics on the couch, this unique design choice promotes an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and recovery.

The furniture in this living room has also been arranged to show off the space in the best possible light. Starting from an entry at the door, a partial room divider gives some privacy to those enjoying a meal at the dining table, yet allows sight of the far end of the living room. The dining and living areas are also clearly distinct from one another, with the corridor line acting as a natural separator between them. The clear separation of one area from another creates order in the arrangement and makes the room feel larger, preventing claustrophobia from setting in.

Did you love these designs by Ovon Design? If you do, do not forget to head over to to cast your vote for the winner of the Renodots People Preference Choice Award this August 2021. There are 6 great candidates up for this award, so who knows? Your vote might be the one to decide the winner. Every vote counts.

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Contest starts on the 1st and on the 25th of every respective month