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People Preference Choice November 2021
By Zhang Wen in Nominees People Preference Choice November 2021 8 November, 2021
By Zhang Wen in Winners Renodots PPA [ AUGUST WINNER ] - OVON DESIGN 19 October, 2021
People Preference Choice October 2021
By Zhang Wen in Nominees People Preference Choice October 2021 4 October, 2021

Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October)


By Zhang Wen 10 October, 2021

Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October)

Todz’Terior – People’s Preference Choice Award (October)

Todz’Terior is a highly rated and trustable interior design firm in Singapore. They are very professional when it comes to discussing ideas and concepts while also showing their creative flair to create a unique interior design made just for you! Todz’Terior has shown that they can make any room in any house look marvelous and inviting but here, we’ll be looking at their kitchen designs specifically. You might think that kitchens typically look quite similar. Either black or white marble, maybe some wood furnishings here and there, but Todz’Terior shows you that your kitchen can have as much personality as the rest of your house. We’ll show you just what we mean through a few of their kitchen designs.

P.S. Todz’Terior is also up for the People’s Preference Choice Award for October. If you would like to see more of their work, they have very beautiful interior designs for literally every other room, they have an entire gallery on their website! If you’re interested, do check them out if you like what you see!

First, let’s take a look at this modern take of a kitchen. The typical working adult is often faced with mountains of work that having time off to cook is already considered a blessing. Todz’Terior designed this kitchen with that in mind but having your work place conveniently nestled next to the kitchen. The colour scheme is a simple white so there isn’t too jarring of a contrast between these 2 spaces. The kitchen is kept minimalistic and only includes what is absolutely necessary to save on space.

Next, we see a brighter kitchen with a tinge more personality infused into it. This kitchen features green and wooden cabinetry with a sleek grey countertop. The colour palette was carefully chosen such that the bright wood nicely contrasts with the more muted countertop and drawer. This kitchen also looks modern and saves on space by having the kitchen appliances integrated into the cabinets. Todz’Terior proves here that your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have a dull monochrome palette.

Up next, we have a more refined version of a typical kitchen design. This design features dark oak and black cabinets. This is a tasteful contrast against the bright white dining area.

The darker colours also make the kitchen look sleeker and more modern. Functionality-wise, darker colours do not stain or discolour as easily. This kitchen design also makes use of natural lighting by minimizing on overhead lighting and relying on the large open balcony. This also creates a more initimate setting if you are making some midmight munchies.

Last in this list is this pretty little set up that features muted light gray cabinets, white walls and countertops with a subtle wooden undertone. This design showcases how you can make your kitchen look bright without being overwhelming. The choice of a pastel gray helps reflect light around the kitchen but isn’t too stark for when you’re cooking. The wooden touches give you a slight rustic feel.

Did you love this design by Todz’Terior ? If you did, do not forget to head over to to cast your vote for the winner of the Renodots People Preference Choice Award this October 2021. There are 6 great candidates up for this award, so who knows? Your vote might be the one to decide the winner. Every vote counts.

Want to find out more about your renovation from Todz’Terior click here for quote:

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Contest starts on the 1st and on the 25th of every respective month